In business life you need the right partner!
Best with Grand Chauffeurs Worldwide!
Company Service
With Grand Chauffeurs Worldwide you are placing your trust in the right partner. Each of your guests is a VIP for us (see details of VIP service above) and as our client, you also benefit from our first class service:

• Office hours 00:00 - 00:00. With our 24/7 service, transfers can be booked, changed or cancelled 24hrs a day.

Our staff are friendly, flexible and professional, and are always on hand to help, whatever may happen.

• Communication is everything we inform you about no-shows, but while the chauffeur is still at the airport / meeting point so that you can contact the guest or client to find out what has happened. We also let you know immediately if any changes are made to the ordered transfer, for example if the guests wishes to be taken somewhere else..

• We are also flexible with the invoicing this can follow immediately after each project or however you would like.

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